Saturday, 1 December 2012

Riding home, riding west

Nothing beats a dry, sunny winter day.
Try me.

Riding out is a steal, you have everything:
the excitement for the new found sunshine
the crisp air
the quiet you are about to break.

You and you only riding out for good, because that's just what the day deserves.
You get your warm caresses from the sun, which is pale and low and seems to be looking over you instead of dominating your every muscle.
That's what you have to do, to keep the cold out, while the engine heats your inner legs and the tailpipes shutter the still.

You roam by and are part of it.

Best, of course, is when you remember to ride out east and ride home west, making love to that big old chubby sun as it is about to set.

With your blood flowing hard and the air pumping through your nose you want to strip and make it all the way.

Lift your visor, unzip your jacket, gloves in your backpocket.
It never felt so good.

On a dry, sunny winter day. That's when you have it all.