Monday, 15 July 2013

Biker Movie review: C C and Company

CC and Company is really cool biker movie!!!
the hero has long hair, big nose and big muscles and can ride motorbikes! amazing.

The actor is a long time ago famous american footbal star or other american sports like baseball, anyway, the opening scene is top of super coll, makek steve macqueen give the creeps!

after you watch the movie you want to go to a supermarket and make a sandwich too!!!

the movie is nice, packed with riding and also on kawasaki cross, so that is what kawa must be famous for in the usa.

then there is sex and violence like any biker movie to respect.

the story is always the same, new guy arrive, steals the bad guy's woman, they fights and stuff. but here on choppers.

nice bikes and you can watch for free on youtube!

click here to watch youtube movie cc and company

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Hills Have Wheels! Colline in Moto Rally Gran Tour of Monferrato, Italy

 the best social network is tu go and ride winths the friends, hopefully withs monica and rachel too, but not always possible, so we hang out usually with fat bearded people.

Anyway, last sun day we go to Aldo's legendary rally, the Colline in Moto, which means something like Hills on Wheels, beincaunse there is many wheels in alittle village on top of a hill and then you gous round and round all over the other hills.

Something like that.

Fantastic day, great fun, cheap food hand made by Aldo and his village people loads of gadgets for everybody. Lokk my pinctures:


 There are many many many bikes, also some Triumph! May be every body triumph man did oil change... amazings.

Then you arrive and Aldo say hello, put your bike here, check in, have breakfast, make gas and big hugs for everybody (Aldo is the guy with digital watch)

There are also a reunion for the tooths fairy, we non discriminate if you are human biker or no-human, is ok, come and have fun tugethers
Tinkerbell obviously did a lot of tinkering.

some disabled bikers too, with no engine and short legs

There is also the dog friendly biker, my faivourite. (I ask, where is the gimp? hahaha... it was no funny for the dog father)

Then we eat breakfast for bikers with salame panino and hit the roads, run to the hills!!!

At petrol station we meet a mods!!! very difficult to see, because is the same colours of the gas pump. Is not three pumps, look good there is scooter in center.

Some biker vary macho ride with open helmet and, what do you know? shit happens.

Then we group some Triumph friends and beat the shit out of the mods!!! hahaha! go back to brighton!

There is a mutiny and rebel bikers go to a restaurant to eat some local foods like raw meat and stuff

they chuuse the restaurant beincause there is a Ducati old racer outside.
The message is clear, eat fast, give me the money, then piss off.

 Then at end of day the usual vintage shop picture with the vintage bikes and a lady call the police while holding her bag very tight.

 The best social network!

ciao da yuppidu

Monday, 8 July 2013

Movie review: Biker Boyz (and whay it making no sense!?)

So, Biker Boysz is a very faimouns motorbike movie, becauonse there is the guy from matrix.
That's about it.
No, not neao, the one who gives the pills, then also did csi, the nerd professor who replaced the guy with the beard.

anyway, so, basically Byker Boynz is ok but if you are european it is really weird.
First of all the impression is in the usa the white bearded fat peolpe ride harleys and the black bodybuilders ride kawasaki faster then sped light.

May I remember the speed limit is like 80 kilometers and 50 miles an hours.

What is the point?

Also, this movie is a mix between Thrashing and Clint Eastwood western with a bit of starswars beicaouse the son of the matrix guy discovers he has the same "force" to envisualize like... how to go really fast in astraight line.

I can du that.

But maybe with oversized leathern jackets and japan bike on nitro is more difficults.
oh, OK, let's now talk about the oversized leather jackets.
How the flip to flop at 120 milesnouahaur, is IMPOSSIBLES!

So, the movie is saiences fiction. Like the starswars.

Is fun to watch, I reccomend, is free on youtube, whay not?
one of the best b movies on biker life and japan bikes, if you like thema lot you probably hate the movie, for mi is fun to watch.

the vision.... uuuhhhh!!! I see straight! uuuuu
Don mess with thiese guys!
(they are ninja bikers...)

ciao da yuppidu