Monday, 15 July 2013

Biker Movie review: C C and Company

CC and Company is really cool biker movie!!!
the hero has long hair, big nose and big muscles and can ride motorbikes! amazing.

The actor is a long time ago famous american footbal star or other american sports like baseball, anyway, the opening scene is top of super coll, makek steve macqueen give the creeps!

after you watch the movie you want to go to a supermarket and make a sandwich too!!!

the movie is nice, packed with riding and also on kawasaki cross, so that is what kawa must be famous for in the usa.

then there is sex and violence like any biker movie to respect.

the story is always the same, new guy arrive, steals the bad guy's woman, they fights and stuff. but here on choppers.

nice bikes and you can watch for free on youtube!

click here to watch youtube movie cc and company