Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The first Sunday of March

The first Sunday of March was quite exceptional.
Kids got the flu, I got the day off.

The first Sunday of March was the official start of "the season", which really means nothing if you, like me, get to ride any time whenever it is possible and usually it's when it rains.

The first Sunday of March was a good day. We had no rain.

The first Sunday of March started off something like this...

The fog was a dead giveaway it was going to get sunnier and sunnier, although when we left home it was, well, rather grey, wet and cold.

The bike rally at Fossano was our excuse to get out and ride for the day, like I said, the first Sunday of March did mark the official start of "the season".
Notably, we rode for over three hours and met no other bikers on the road.
We also got lost on the way to the rally, fiddled with some maps, went round in circles, up and down the hills, then left and right.

When we finally arrived at the rally people were either leaving or eating lunch and to our delight nobody was queueing up at the lavvy. We had a ball.

The sun came up, it got warmer and brighter, we grabbed a bite and time came to split and make our way back to our homes enjoying the cozy afternoon sun.

On this great first Sunday of March.