Thursday, 27 June 2013

The summer is magic

oh oh oh

ok, so, noufing is more in beuntiful that when you are in summer, no?
the best part is the preparascion, like fitting a set of travel bags on the bike.
no, becoaouse that is what I do...
summer is usualling meaning that travel longer better faster all day all night, but, me, I always in the rain, why?
anyway, so I travel with my frindz and need to stay out long, too much long to wash, so I need to bring more clothes along, if not then I smell like fart, so, better be prepared.
IN THE SPECIAL SUMMER BAGS: one roll of american tape (you never know, if you du, please telling me), one small towel, wool hat (is cold at night), pad lock for dangerous towns, rain proof overalls (shit happens, rain too but more often).
Then I need to put some pants, tootzbrush, flipflop, ok no flipflop some canvash shoes yes?, poloshirt for sexi night, then leave one bag empty for the women and drinks and motoroil (still need to fix gasket which leaks the oil around, but before I must daouwnloands the servis manual).

bloody summer I am tired allready, so much to do!