Tuesday, 1 July 2014

About T309 triple classics, air filter, the frame and the cylinder in the middle

Ok raga, so, if you need to change the air filter on your 90's Triumph Thunderbird, Adventurer or Legend, make sure you have a crow bar.

The U shaped airbox with the filter rally sticks around so you need to get ugly and change the sucker.

So, here is my step by step guide to making life easier to enjoy diy maintenace on your triples.

1 Buy a CROWBAR. The Haynes manual will never tell you this but me yes.
The key to removing the airfilterbox is unscrewing its central bolt, hidden by the frame tube.
No sorry, the key is ripping out the central bolt with the use of a crow bar because the specific tool to unscrew that bolt is still pretty much science fiction. So stick with the middle ages. They always work.

2 Remove stuff from your bike:
switch off the petrol flow and remove the tank, remove the seat, unfasten the secondary airbox under the seat and remove that too or place it aside.

3 Switch on the bike and let it run untill all the fuel from the carburettor is gone. You know this because the engine stops.

4 Now have a drink and let the bike cool down

5 While you are drinking go and see the tutorial about changing the airfilter here

6 After reading the tutorial don't worry: you have a crow bar.

7 OK remove also the horn if you have it attached to the left cylinder because we are going to need that space to move around the carburettor.

8 The plan:
open the airfilterbox, remove the part with the air filter, remove the carburettor, remove the U shaped airbox. In that order.

9 Take a LONG FLAT SCREWDRIVER and unscrew the rubbers that hold the carburettor to the engine. I used a short one and it sucked.

10 If necessary for space, uncrew also the rubbers by the carburettor.

11 Unscrew the rubbers connecting the airfilterbox to the carburettor.

12 Detach all rubber tubes connected to the airfilter box: one behind and one in front easy to see. Use gardening gloves or pliers.

13 Remove all bolts from the airfilterbox. Ah, there is one hidden behind the central frame tube... save that for last and then grab your CROW BAR.

14 move over to the right side of the bike, insert the crow bar by the low outside end of the airfilterbox, insert the crowbar and pull and push. The central bolt will easily pop out.

You could use a big long screwdriver but it will not feel like macho man like anly a crowbar makes you feel.

15 Pull back the airfilterbox liberating the carburettors and making some wobble space.

16 Slide out to the right the airfilter bit

17 Pull back the carburettor detaching it from the engine block.

18 Congratulate yourself. Sit down and have a drink.
Why not, wash your hands.

19 At this point the U shaped part of the airbox will still NOT come out so place the carburettor on the left side of the engine nice and easy and make loads of space to remove the airfilterbox.

Go from this

To this

20 Now it's time to use the simplified airfilter you prepared earlier...

More on this on another topic:

21 Time to reassemble:
put the carburettor back on the engine
Slide in the smart air filter
Attach tubes to the air filter
Attach filter to the carburettor

All set up, turn the bike on with NO choke, start the engine and watch it run beautifully.

22 Where is the horn? Aha!
Put the horn back on and you are finished.

23 Now is time to congratulate yourself and get your trouble amd strife up them stairs.
But first, put the tank and the seat back on.