Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Simplified airbox for Triumph T300 triples

Ok boys, so your triple looks daft and you hate the standard U shaped airbox because maintenance is such a nightmare you never do it?
No probs. We got it figured out.
Here is how to make your own rider friendly air filter.

Stuff you need:
Standard airfilterbox, sheet of metal grid, jigsaw, cutting pliers.

1. Remove the old airfilterbox, see my guide

so that your bike looks like this

Yeah kind of... just put the carbs back on.

Ok done?

2. Take the existing air filterbox if the filter sponge is in good shape, in which case you may want to clean it and oil it. Otherwise get a new aifilter kit and open it up by unbolting the U shaped box.

3. Take the metal grid sheet and cut it to size to fit over the air filter. I like alluminium grids because they are softer to work with and don'rust.

Your work table should look something like this

4. Grab the jigsaw and the U shaped airbox. Start slicing the box from the round small opening and work your way to the large opening that attaches to the air filter, then simply work your way round the perimeter.

So you get this

5. Take the sawed perimeter thing and bolt it back on the air filter placing the grille in between to give the sponge some protection.
You may want to give the perimeter thing a finish of some kind. If you like.

So you have this

6. With the pliers, cut the excess grille or fold it back or paint it, to your liking

Mine looked like this when finished

7. Slide the new airfilter on the carbs and you are done. Basically that's it.