Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fears, hopes, wonders and possibilities.

The power to self heal, that's what it is.

No rumble, no vibration, no warmth can make a motocycle so human as the power to heal oneself.
Think about it, it's not even something a cyborg can do and that is as close as you can get to a machine being human.
Bishop? Owned.
T100? Owned.
The Gunslinger? Owned
Call? Nice boobs. But owned.
So, whenever you think about it, if you can't heal yourself you are just a machine that needs fixing.

Of course we want proof.

After the last ride I cleaned the oil scooper tray just to see the degree of leakege from my dry gearlevergasket thing that has become somewhat dry over the last fifteen years and, well, you can see for yourslves, not one drop after two weeks of drowsy garage sleep.

On the other hand it is rather cold outside and the nights have been freezing, but I like to think my mechanical buddy is getting more and more human as time goes by.