Sunday, 11 November 2012

Love is all about where it's going to take you

Obviously, you have to start somewhere.

I am sure that you, like me, may have a friend or be one of those guys who keep flipping bikes and have been doing that for just like forever, till the time to settle down comes knocking round.

I've known a guy for some years now and every time we'd meed he'd show up with a different motorbike. He'd get something cheap and nasty and spend time and time to eventually turn it into something valuable and classy.
No real attachment to the bikes, his joy would come from the love he'd put into each single one of them and the finished projectd would be just him only in the motor version.

I've seen him do pretty much the same thing with homes too. He'd be moving out once he'd finish renovating his "new" home.

That's how some people get their kicks, they go thorough bikes and lve each one thoroughly as if there was no tomorrow.
Untill the next day.

Fair enough, I appreciate every bike is loved till the next one comes along and there is a great deal of activity going into every motor and I guess the fun is all that: manipulation. Forever.

It may even be an addiction for all  I know.
Like I am addicted to watching my bike grow old, evolve and drop parts somewhere on the road. And then buying something new to replace them.

So, me and my buddy we're sort of the opposites one of the other but... it may seem he's kind of settling down and he's settling down to the T309 first series Speed Triple, which obviously has undergon certain loving manipulation, but seems a definitive one to stay for good.

So there's a couple of other bikes in his garage whose future is not yet certain and are getting all the love tey can like there is no tomorrow.

I guess diverisification is the key to settling down.